Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering is currently an academic and professional reality. It is a scientific and technological discipline that applies the principles and methods of engineering, science and technology for the understanding, definition and resolution of biological and medical problems.

“Biomedical Engineering is in that area where science does not distinguish between living and inert matter, which contributes to the ambitious goal of putting technology at the service of medicine, ultimately, at the service of well-being and human health”

Program objective

The main objective of the Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid is the training of professionals who apply the principles and methods of engineering to the understanding, definition and resolution of problems in biology and medicine. This area of knowledge called Biomedical Engineering requires a multidisciplinary training that allows a high-level specialization to generate, integrate and apply scientific, technological and business knowledge in biomedical problems. Said professionals must be prepared to integrate both in research centers and in the industrial fabric.

Program information

Teaching languageEnglish
Duration11 months (September to July). Full time dedication.
Teaching modalityFace-to-face learning
Number of places50
Credits (ECTS)Total: 60 ECTS

1st year: ECTS(min): 38 - ECTS(max): 60

2nd year: ECTS(min): 24 - ECTS(max): 37
Main study centerETSI de Telecomunicación

Academic Committee of the Master’s Program

Master’s Coordinator Academic Secretary of the Master
Prof. Enrique J. Gómez Aguilera
ETSI de Telecomunicación
Despacho B31

(+34) 910672441
Prof. Ignacio Oropesa
ETSI de Telecomunicación
Despacho D213

(+34) 910672477
Santiago Aguilera
Carlos Angulo
María Teresa Arredondo
María Fernanda Cabrera
Francisco González
Andrés Díaz
Gema García
Álvaro Gutiérrez
José Mª Goicolea
Ángel Hernández
M. Elena Hernando
María Jesús Ledesma
Ceferino Maestú
Patricia Sánchez
José Pérez
Paloma Rodríguez
Andrés Santos
José Javier Serrano

The MUIB is an official program verified by the Madri+d Foundation for Knowledge.

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