Academic and professional orientation

The UPM offers on its website general information of interest to new students, including information on:

Additionally, there is the academic and professional guidance provided by the Program Coordinator, the members of the Academic Committee of the Program and the teaching staff.

Before joining the program, the degree coordinating team solves the orientation needs of the students in terms of suggesting subjects based on the students’ knowledge and objectives.

Once incorporated into the Program, the coordinating team receives the students in a first informative meeting, in which everything concerning organizational and academic aspects is explained to them. In addition, at the beginning of the academic year, the Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering invites its students to a welcome lecture, given by a professional of recognized prestige in the area of ​​biomedical engineering. The date of the welcome day is announced in advance on the master’s website.

In the first weeks of the academic year, the coordinator meets individually with the students of the degree, in order to better understand their expectations, interests and be able to carry out orientation in the search for the subject of Final Master’s Thesis corresponding tutor.

In this academic orientation, it is also important to mention the wide range of curricular practices that occur in the degree during the second semester of teaching.

Likewise, it is noteworthy that due to their active involvement in research, development, innovation and technology management tasks, the teaching staff is perfectly qualified to professionally guide students, providing guidance on their professional future not only through contacts in the companies in the sector but with other professional opportunities (for example, in the completion of a doctorate) .

Finally, the Center has a webpage for offers of scholarships and employment and the University has a service for guidance and information on employment.