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Examples of TFMs from past courses

Master Thesis TitleTutor
Topography systems for corneal study and diagnostic applications    Enrique J. Gómez
Application of artificial intelligenge technologies to the maintenance of critical electromedical equipmentPatricia Sánchez
Clinical justification for the proposal of Computerized Tomography scan units made by GE Healthcare for a public trade call opened by the Andalusian Health Service Enrique J. Gómez
Development of clinical and economic efficiency models of anesthesia in minimum flowEnrique J. Gómez
Analysis of pulmonary ventilation-perfusion SPECT images with a new image processing algorithm for the diagnosis of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertensionPatricia Sánchez
Design of a business plan for commercialization of a virtual reality based environment for surgical training Patricia Sánchez
Design and implementation of a video-consulting and messaging platform platform based on WEBRTC Patricia Sánchez
Design and implementation of a virtual reality environment for medical trainingPatricia Sánchez
Design and implementation of a platform for automation and registration of quality control in PET-CT Georgios Kontaxakis
Design of quantitative analysis process of PET-FDG images in Hodgkin lymphoma based on the Deauville criteria Patricia Sánchez
Characterization of the enzymatic degradation of silk fibroin hydrogels Francisco Javier Rojo
Design and implementation of a Long-Short Time Memory Neural Network for online glucose prediction Álvaro Gutiérrez
Implementation of a structures’ tracking and segmentation algorithm in laparoscopic videos Patricia Sánchez
Design and implementation of a bleeding trauma module for clinical simulationBlanca Larraga
Design and development of a fear detection environment aimed for victims of gender violence Ignacio Oropesa
Design and development of a platform for objective stress monitoring by means of Electromyography and Galvanic Skin ResponseIgnacio Oropesa
Design and development of a platform for fatigue monitoring by means of ocular activity tracking Ignacio Oropesa
Design and implementation of predictive models based on radiomics in the follow-up of non-small cell lung cancer treated with immunotherapy María Jesús Ledesma
Design of an analytical strategy based on computational neuroanatomy to investigate musical memory preservation in Alzheimer’s disease through structural magnetic resonance imagingBryan Strange
Design and implementation of an indoor guide system for blind people José Javier Serrano
Design and implementation of a serious game for the upper extremity rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuryÁlvaro Gutiérrez
Study and evaluation of the use of intramuscular sensors for neuromuscular detection and robotic systems for spinal cord injuryGema García
Production of polyacrylamide gels with complex geometries and their application in the study of the effect of substrate stiffness, in varied configurations, in the ameboid type cell movementAndrés Díaz
Design and implementation of a system for monitoring cardiopulmonary manoeuvres in medical simulatorsM. Elena Hernando
Application of data analysis techniques to extract patterns from electronic health records of oncological patients Ernestina Menasalvas
Evaluation and optimization of a low cost robotic scanner microscope María Jesús Ledesma
Design, implementation and validation of a synergic proportional-integral-derivative for automatic control of drug infusion in general anaesthesia Agustín Rodríguez
Physical model of the wrist. Application to the kinematic and kinetic analysis of the joint. Antonio Ros
Intelligent knee brace development for continuous monitoring of knee movement José Javier Serrano
Design of a mobile application for personalized functional training with a static bicycle María Teresa Arredondo
Design and development of a novel pipeline for resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging processing Patricia Sánchez
Design and development of an application for visual analytics based on data from clinical registries in cardiologyGema García
Study of the uncertainty propagation when calculating the rupture potential index of abdominal aortic aneurysms using software BioPARR Sergio Blanco
Design and implementation of a data processing pipeline for Diffusion Magnetic Resonance (dMR) to obtain microstructure and structural connectivity Patricia Sánchez
Design approach for the development of a scalable wearable device to be used in clinical practice for monitoring of patients María Teresa Arredondo