The Centers involved in teaching make the following facilities and services available to Master students.

Didactic resources:

There are different classrooms for teaching activities and various laboratories.

Classrooms: Two main classrooms equipped with complete audio-visual equipment, projection systems, large blackboard, with air conditioning and central heating. In addition, there is a group work classroom, where the monitoring of teaching innovation methodologies is favored.

Laboratories: A dozen teaching laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment for the correct delivery of classes and practices of the subjects of the Degree, distributed in the different centers of the University that participate in teaching.

In addition to the above, MUIB students have access to the following common facilities:

  • Library (ETSIT). It has 460 reading places and 8 multipurpose rooms for group work (48 places in total). Access to infinite full-text electronic resources from prestigious scientific journals. Documentary collection specialized in the disciplines of the titling of more than 50,000 books, in addition to numerous volumes in other formats (videos, CDs, DVDs, etc). Among the services offered to students are the loan of books, laptops, graphing calculators, cameras and video cameras, resources for language learning or group work rooms.
  • Ciberteca (ETSIT). It has 60 stations, 40 of them with complete computer equipment and the rest with network sockets for laptops and the possibility of Wi-Fi connection.
  • Cafeteria. Open throughout the academic year and with opening hours between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Sports Center. It offers magnificent indoor and outdoor facilities. It is an ideal complement for the training of our students, as it allows us to complement academic training with sport, promoting healthy lifestyles.

Electronic Resources: Regarding access to computer resources, the centers and the Polytechnic University of Madrid make available to all their students access to the degree information Web platforms, Moodle tele-teaching platform at the Center and at the own University (GATE). In addition, Master students have access to email and wireless network service.

For more information about the services offered by ETSIT, click here. For more information on ETSIT resources, click here.