What are ECTS credits?

ECTS is the acronym for European Credit Transfer System and is the standard adopted by all universities in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) to guarantee the homogeneity and quality of the studies they offer.

Is the MUIB an official degree or the UPM itself?

The University Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering is an official Master’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The official Master’s degree courses are aimed at the acquisition by the student of advanced training, of a specialized or multidisciplinary nature, aimed at academic or professional specialization, or to promote initiation in research tasks.

Does the MUIB give access to a regulated profession?

Although the IB master’s degree does not provide access to a regulated profession, it does provide a set of competencies that allows one to perform in different jobs in the IB field, both in the industrial, health and R & D & I fields.

How long does the MUIB last?

The Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering is 60 ECTS, corresponding to two semesters of duration (one academic year).

What is the price of the MUIB?

The public prices for university studies (fees) to carry out postgraduate studies at the University are set each year by the Community of Madrid by Decree (DECREE 83/2016 of August 9), within the limits established by the University Coordination Council . The approximate cost of the MUIB (60ECTS), without complementary credits, amounts to approximately €4,000.

What steps do I have to follow to become a MUIB student?

The steps to follow are those: 1. Pre-enroll in the University Master’s Degree Program in Biomedical Engineering. 2. Wait for the letter (and mail) of admission to the program. 3. Enroll in the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers (ETSIT), or online through the Virtual Polytechnic.

What are the requirements for access and admission?

Access to University Masters

To access the official Master’s degrees, it will be necessary to have an official Spanish university degree or another issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area that empowers in the country issuing the degree for access to master’s degrees. Likewise, graduates in accordance with educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area will be able to access without having their qualifications approved, after verification by the University that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university qualifications and that empower in the country issuing the degree for access to postgraduate education. Access by this means will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous title that the interested party is in possession, nor its recognition for purposes other than that of taking Master’s degrees.

Admission to MUIB

The Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering (MUIB) is aimed at graduates of undergraduate or higher level (graduate, engineer or graduate) and the entry profile corresponds to some areas of engineering (telecommunications, computer science, industrial, biomedical) and science physical. If you have a degree in biomedical engineering, it will not be necessary to complete training supplements. In the case of the other degrees, the Academic Committee of the Master may specify up to a maximum of 18 ECTS of training supplements. The training complements will be subjects of the Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the UPM in the subjects of physiology, mechanics, electronics or signals and systems. Students may be admitted to the MUIB according to the specific requirements and merit evaluation criteria of the degree.

When does the pre-registration and enrollment period end?

You can find the pre-registration and enrollment dates on the UPM website.

Can I do my pre-registration by email or fax?

Pre-registrations are not accepted by email or fax. You must make your pre-registration online, through the form that is available on the UPM website.

How is the MUIB structured?

The MUIB is structured in Thematic Modules with compulsory and optional subjects.

What is the MUIB academic calendar and its hours?

The MUIB follows the Official Master Calendar of the UPM. However, for more specific information, you can consult the Master’s own calendar as well as the schedule of the current edition here.

Do you have more questions?

You can contact the MUIB coordinating team by different means.

Coordinator of the Master’s Program: Prof. Enrique J. Gómez Aguilera Academic Secretary: Prof. Patricia Sánchez González

Email: master.ib.etsit@upm.es
Tel: (+34) 910672478
Av. Complutense Nº30, Edificio B – Despacho B303 – ETSI Telecomunicación