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Application requirements

Admission is a preliminary procedure and is established in the official regulations this type of studies in Spain (Royal Decrees RD1393/2007 and RD861/2010) and by the procedure of Selection and Admission of Students (PR 19) of the Center. The Master in Biomedical Engineering (MUIB) is designed for students who have an Undergraduate/bachelor/grado/laurea, or equivalent degree in engineering (telecommunications, computing, industrial, biomedical) or physical science from an accredited college or university. If the students have a degree in biomedical engineering they will not need to take formative complements classes. In the case of the other qualifications the Academic Board of the Master can require specific formative complements up to 30 ECTS.

In addition, since the number of places is limited, there is a procedure and specific entry criterias for acceptance of the students by the Academic Board of the Master’s Program.

Entry criteria
Scale (%)

* In case of doubt between applicants, a personal interview will be made to the student. Likewise, the Committee Board of MUIB reserves the possibility of carrying out tests to regulate the access to the MUIB Programme.

Academic qualifications and record from University of origin


The average mark of the academic record will be assessed.

Other academic merits


Additional training related to the field of biomedical engineering (BE) will be assessed positively.

Research experience


The personal motivation and previusly participation in BE research projects will be assessed positively.

Knowledge of Spanish and English languages


It is a requirement to have the B2 level of English to be admitted into the MUIB.
It's required an official accreditation or having completed a degree with this requirement.

Reference letters and quantitative skills


The reference letters from teachers of responsible department of the MUIB Programme
and others departments or universities will be valued positively.

The steps to follow for admission are as follows:

1. Pre-enrollment application (Helios System). To register for the application, enter personal data and upload documents required.

2. Notification of the resolution to the student. On the established decision date, you will receive an e-mail informing you of whether or not you have been admitted to the master’s degree course. The definitive list of admitted students will be published in all physical and telematic means at its disposal.

3. Inscription. Once admitted, the formalization of the enrolment or the inscription must be carried out at the Secretary’s Office in the School.  It is also open the possibility to register online through the UPM inscription website. More information on the UPM website.

Note that the fulfillment of the application requirements does not guarantee admission.

More information about the admission procedure on the UPM website.